We believe that...
Doing tasks is easier when done for a goal. And strieving for goals is harder doing it alone than when doing it together. Together we support eachother by communicating in various ways.And to stir up the fire you battle with friends trying to accomplish your goals.

With Accomplisher you can orient yourself around goals that you want to accomplish and accomplish them together.

You can:
- Set up goals, place them into categories & give them a time period.
- Set up scheduled or unscheduled tasks & connect them to your goals.
- Add friends from Facebook to have goal battles with.
- Set up goal battles by picking one of your goals & picking one of your friends'.
- Communicate to each other by giving 'love it's' to friends' goal battles, goals or tasks in a goal battle or comment in a goal battle.
- Check stats in your profile, a friends' profile or the leaderboard.