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The best wifi sync app for Android is finally here!

Wirelessly transfer photos, videos, music, and documents between your Android devices and computers, such as desktops, servers, NAS, or remote access accounts.
• Convenient and intuitive interface -- a single tap on your device starts the sync, without the need to physically access the computer.
• Fast and smart transfer -- only those newly created or modified files will be transferred. For a partially modified file, only the modified portion is sent over the network.
• State-of-the-art encryption – all network connection are protected against attacks even over insecure networks.
• File corruption never happens – file transmission is verified by MD5 checksums.

More amazingly, Acrosync does not require installation of proprietary server software. This is because Acrosync implements rsync, a mature open-source file sync protocol available on all platforms. By leveraging rsync, Acrosync can magically turn any computer into a file sync server without extra installation.

Requirements on the computers that Acrosync connects to:
• Linux computers must be accessible via ssh.
• Mac computers must have Remote Login enabled.
• For Windows computers, openssh and rsync must be installed, both of which are freely available as independent packages, or as part of cygwin.

Advanced features, such as public-key login, file exclusion/inclusion by pattern, schedulers, are available via a single in-app-purchase (which also removes advertisements).

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