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This version is primarily fix for mathematical shorthands, it handles stuff like 3x, (3 - 1)x, (5 - 2)(4 - 8). cannot handle special cases like x(3 - 1) as it cannot parse line as x times (3 - 1) or 3 - 1 as parameter to function x() without complex algorithm.

Also new is update to new Android UI, while retain full compatibility all the way back to Android 1.6 (4+ years old) The compiler selected Android 3.x Honeycomb UI by itself and SmartTV users need to take note and workaround.

Now complete with Google Analytics for automatic crash report for such events and manual crash reporting without need for Development Mode phones; if you are not offered to send error report then the error is deemed to be related to your formula and not passed along, it does not use Google Analytics for collecting any other information, only crash reporting.

This app aims to be clean and easy-to-use scientific/statistical calculator for everyone from public school students needing only arithmetic all the way to office workers needing statistics and engineers needing custom definitions, no RPN and completely free-form. StackOverflow (the name is RangeError but "stack" is contained in its description and SO is very obvious to anyone who programs) refers to an isolated code that implies error in your recurrence functions; simply fix the math and you can try again.

Here is a simple break down of what's available:
- Arithmetic operators
- % is "modulo" not percentage as office calculators
- Advanced functions
- trigonometry (in radians)
- inverse trig (the "arc" thing)
- max(), min(), sum(), avg()
- factorial and power
- logarithm (natural and 10, for others see logX())
- Custom/complex (predefined) functions
- Pythagorean Theorem
- Pascal's Triangle
- Fibbonacci Series
- Square Root
- Cubic Root
- Area (circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid)
- Factorial (simple recurrence example)
- Logarithmic function in other bases

Fully ad-supported and all functions are available, complete re-write that now supports full mathematical functions including algebraic recurrence; uses Java-like ?: syntax [condition as true or false]?[true function body]:[false fx body] for supporting fractal functions. '#' is no longer required. The formula bar is now editable using Android keyboard simply by tapping it.

If there's a bug in complex calculations, please report it.

Please describe in detail which features or enhancement you wish to report; "not enough features" just cannot cut it I have no idea what that is. Please use English or Mandarin or other languages with Babelfish/Bing translations available to public.

Designed with big buttons so you do not need a flawless 4.5 inch touchscreen but an old QVGA (240x320 portrait screen, 320x240 landscape is indeed too small) will do with just a tad of visual cramp; a QVGA portrait device is for example Motorola Spice and unsupported landscape device example is Motorola Charm. However for such small device there are always workaround for input.

?: Syntax
[condition evaluates true or false]?[true function body]:[false fx body]

Tested on Android 1.6 Emulator and Android 2.1 Motorola Spice actual device.

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