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AgroidPlus can measure distances, perimeters and areas (metric and imperial units for length and area): it is useful for measuring land, fields or buildings (app designed for a high OUTDOOR visibility, suitable for agriculture).

Other unique usages:
- average altitude calculation (ellipsoid height)
- position error analysis (DRMS)

This edition (ad-supported) supports different coordinate systems (+).

Using special functions such as ACCURACY SETTING and MARKER FINE REPOSITIONING you can improve the accuracy.

Maps can be downloaded in advance in order to avoid any internet connection during a survey .

Using the tracking mode you can collect points and measure by just walking around.

After the completion of the land survey you can access to the map views for viewing/repositioning your markers and export your data using KML or TXT files

Exporting the KML file you can view/trim the data in your favorite program

Tablet ready app: it supports Landscape/Portrait mode and pages are automatically resized.

AgroidPlus has different operating modes:
- Survey mode (to measure without maps, GPS driven)
- Mixed mode (GPS & manual)

Coordinates can be retrieved from different sources:
- GPS (points collected according the specified accuracy)
- Tracking (GPS points collected according to specified rate/interval)
- Reference (manual input/edit)

Map providers:
- Google Maps (Satellite, Street, Hybrid, Terrain)
- Open Street Map (OSM)

Main geographical point functions:
- delete
- edit
- move

Main document functions:
- Maps
- Views
- Toolbar
- Zoom
- Select point
- File (New, Open, Save, Export, Delete)
- Share

Coordinates can be viewed or shared with different standards (WGS 1984):
- Global Positioning System coordinates (EPSG:4326)
+ Web mercator coordinates (EPSG:3857)
+ UTM coordinates

Many measurements units are available:
- Length units: meter, feet
- Surface units: sq m, ha, sq feet, acres

Follow the automatic hints in order to use the app properly.

Read the embedded User Guide: read carefully the accuracy chapter to achieve the best results!

For any info or troubleshooting you can contact us at

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