Air Lite Psychrometric Calcs



Psychrometric calculator for HVAC engineers, designers, technicians, commissioning agents, and maintenance personnel. SI and IP units are supported.

- Altitude
- Dry Bulb Temperature

And either:
-Wet Bulb Temperature
-Relative Humidity
- Dew Point Temperature

To Calculate:
-Wet Bulb Temperature
-Relative Humidity
-Dew Point Temperature
-Atmospheric Pressure
-Barometric Pressure
-Humidity Ratio
-Specific Volume
-Vapor Pressure

Calculations are made using The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Fundamentals 2009 ideal gas equations.

You must hit the clear button in between calculations. If more than three properties are filled in the application will default to using wet bulb as the humidity input.

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