All-In Switch



"All-In Switch" is a simple & best & power saving widget on your any home.

--It will provide the fastest way to turn on/off your hardware model, such as wifi, gps, flashlight, mobile data, brightness, bluetooth, screen timeout, battery indicator and any setting options you want.

--It is easy to use and completely free. You can add it on any launcher.

## How to add All-In Switch widget
1. Long press on your desktop;
2. Choose "Widgets";
3. Click "(1x4)All-In Switch" to add;

Supported Toggle Actions:
• Wi-Fi
• Data Connection
• Bluetooth
• Brightness
• Auto-sync
• Auto-Rotate
• Screen Always On
• Airplane Mode
• Vibration/Silent
• 3G-2G
• Battery
• Flashlight
• Wi-Fi Hotspot
• Bluetooth Tether
• Volume

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