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Always wanted to know when you are about to get there, without having to ask the driver again and again, or checking your GPS from time to time? Wanted to relax and enjoy a game, without having to worry about when you'll get there? Did you need a convenient way to check the distance travelled, and how much remains? Want to get alerted when you are headed in the wrong direction? Wanted to set a destination for an address, but don't know where its on the map?

Then download this app and get answers to all your above problems !

The application works in the background with a Smart Battery saving technique, and alerts you when you are approaching your destination

The app works even if you have your data connection off
Thats because it doesn't need it

If you have your maps cached and ready offline, just enjoy doing whatever you want to do (except of course, looking at the boring maps) and let Almost Reached tell you when u have .. well ... Almost Reached !

The way the app saves battery !
So, you must already know that the cell phone towers can determine an estimate of your position by network triangulation to an accuracy of 500-600mts.
The cell phone keeps using this feature all the time. So, the app gets your location using this triangulation, instead of using the GPS. Only when you get really close to your set destination, the GPS kicks in, thereby being accurate to the point !

Get notified when you are in a given proximity of your destination

Get told when you are headed in the wrong direction

Just set the destination from the map. And relax

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