This application is an application for taking a text memo quickly and intuitively.
Light and simple operation is a selling point.
A light memo does not stop your thinking.
Please input a memo as you happened to have thought, and save one after another.
The inputted memo is immediately displayed on the top and is saved as text data in SD card with record time.
Since it is certainly recorded with the time by the date and a milli second, it is "when" and "what."
It understands whether it made a note at a glance.
A memo is displayed as a list.
It can scroll with a finger and can go back to an old memo.
If it clicks a memo, edit and deletion of the contents can be performed.
Since the recorder file of this application is the usual text file, effective secondary use with other applications, PCs, etc. is possible for it.
as an ordinary memo -- a word -- it is effective also in a diary, a memorandum record and business, and various creative activity.