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Android Info (version 1.0) is a free app that is capable of polling for the following system information from the android device:

> Hardware related information :

* Audio : Gets the different ringer modes,including the vibration settings,volume levels of multiple segments like notification,system,voice calls etc.

* Battery : Gives information about battery remaining,voltage,temperature,technology,status,health and plugged.

* Camera : Gives the current settings for the color effect,exposure,focal length,focus,zoom,angle,frame rate,white balance and many more.Also gives all the supported features.

* Display : Gives width,height,refresh rate,orientation,pixel format,density,scaling factor etc of the display.

* GPS : Gives current co-ordinates,speed wrt ground,accuracy,complete available details about all the satellites used in the the tracking of your device.

* Network : Information about the active and all networks,in terms of type,state,reason,roaming,failover etc.

* Open GL : Open Graphics library information like vendor,version,resolution,texture,extensions etc.

* Processor : Gives BogoMIPS,features,CPU implementer,architecture,variant,part,revision,hardware,serial.

* RAM : Information about the memory in total,available and memory assigned to buffers,cache,active,inactive,swap cache etc

* Sensors : Gives the name,vendor,range,power,resolution & version of the different sensors like accelerometer,magnetic field,proximity,orientation,light & gesture sensors.

* Storage : Internal and external memory which is available and the total.

* Wifi : Information about the wifi like Dhcp (dns1,dns2,gateway,ipaddress,netmask etc) and Wifi configuration like SSID,frequency etc and all the scanned wifi connections that are available.

> Software :

* APIs : List of all the android APIs.

* Build : Information like the board,boot loader,brand,cpu abi,tags,type,radio,user,host,finger print,display,manufacturer etc.

* Envi (Environment) : Values of all the environment variables like data directory,root,download cache,external storage directories and directories for picture,dcim,alarms,downloads,podcast,ringtones etc

* Java : Java related information like the class path,version,jni libraries path,vm libraries,implementation,specification's version,vendor,name etc.

* Memory : Memory block information like available blocks,count,size,total and free size for few important directories.

* Mounts : Mount information of file systems including the mountpoint,permissions and options of the different directories like rootfs,devpts,sysfs etc

* OS : Operating system information like the kernal name and version,incremental build version,release,sdk,api level supported,device,model and product.

* TeleNtw : Telephone Network information like cid,lac,data activity state,device id, software version,network country,operator,network type,sim serial number and other details,subscriber id,voice mail details.

* Web : Web settings like the browser agent,cache mode,default font,plugin and script configurations

Note : This app will run on Android 2.2 and above which has a minimum SDK 8.

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