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Shows info about the Phone, Bluetooth, Battery,Cell connection(SIM Card), Storage(SD card, Internal memory), Application, Features, Sensors, Internet, Contacts, Accounts Configured.

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Status, Connection Speed, Connection Type, IP Address, Mac Address, SSID, BSSID, Network ID,Link Speed, DNS1, DNS2, Gateway, Lease Duration, Subnet Mask, Server IP

Provides a list of all available Wifi Networks available with the following information:
BSSID, SSID, Capabilities, Frequency, Level

Name, Address, State, Mode

Device Name, Device Type

State, Battery Level, Status, Health , Temperature, Technology

Total Space(Internal & External), Available Space(Internal & External), Used Space(Internal & External), Storage Type and any other important info, CPU Info

Version code, Manufacturer, Model, Product, Device ID
Type of Device, Device Country Info, Board Type, Boot-loader Version, Brand, CPU 1, CPU 2, Device Design, Display, Unique ID, Hardware Type, Host, ID, Radio Type, Tags, Type, User

SIM country operator Name, SIM Country Operator, SIM Country Info , SIM Serial, Network Operator Name & ID, Roaming State, Phone Number, Voice Mail Number, Subscriber ID

Get All the Information about different types of Sensors in your device

Size(In Pixels), Density, Density DIP, Scaled Density, Pixels per inch(Both X and y Dimensions), Refresh Rate(frames per second), Rotation fron natural orientation

Get a List of all Installed Apps, Sort by USER and SYSTEM Apps
Click on any app to get all detaisls about the App

App Name, Package Name, App Type(User or System), Installed On(SD card on System), Library Directory, First Install, Last Update, Class Name, Backup Agent Name, Data Directory, Descriptin, Process Name, Public Source Directory, Target SDK, Compatibility Width, Largest Width, Smallest Width, UID, UI Option, Task Affinity, version Code, Version Name, Shared User, Hash Code, GID's

All Activities Included
Features Allowed

List of all Features available in Device

Information about the Time like Standby Time, Time Since Last Boot

List of all the Configured Accounts in the Device

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We do not collect any information, permissions required have been explained.

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NETWORK STATE - To get Cell Info,Sim State etc
PHONE STATE – To read Information about Device
INTERNET , WIFI STATE – To get info about Connectivity
Change WIFI State is only used to gather info about Available WIFI Networks
BLUETOOTH – To get info about your Device Bluetooth and read your configured Devices
BATTERY – Info about your Device Battery

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