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" Its simple… Just a scan and you're safe" - Amy Matthew
" I love it, keeps my phone safe and secure" - Android Safety Reviews
" So light and fast, keeps my phone light and at ease" - Masha Seam

The ultimate Antivirus protection solution for your phone or tablet against all kinds of spyware, trojan, malware, and virus.


## Easy to use, one click Scan
## Scans for all kinds of malwares against the most updated database of all Trojans
## Prevents you from premium SMS attacks, Social network phishing
## Very Light, does not slow down your phone
## Saves Battery Life

Best Uses:
## Extensively tested for Jelly Bean, ICS and Gingerbread.
## Will stay free forever and ever
## The perfect android security system against all kinds of threats.

So stop waiting and join the elitist force of android antivirus protection for free for both phones and tablets

Specially tested on:

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Duos,
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Mini

Android Antivirus Protection gives you the latest Android mobile protection for free

Our real-time antivirus protection keeps you secure from all new malicious mobile apps and viruses by cross checking all your apps with our comprehensive databases of android malwares .

Simple yet effective, Android Antivirus Protection Free is easier, faster and lighter than any other antivirus. And it will ensure that you stay in peace while downloading apps from anywhere, coz all you need to do is scan.

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