Your Android device can be simple document scanner!!
By converting the PDF file to the documents collected, you can use immediately as materials of presentations and conference!
The App can scan documents with camera seen in work or life. e.g.) Newspapers and Magazines, Receipts, Instructions, Business cards, Notes, Coupons, Posters. This is 'AnywhereScannerPDF'.
After you take the document to want to be saved, you crop unnecessary parts by copping function, and 'AnywhereScannerPDF' run Image clearing automatically because characters are more visible.

You can immediately read databasing image files at any time, so the app manage it by tagging. It is easy to organize image files by adding tags as you like, even when there is a lot of it.
if you use PDF function, you can add data(title, tags, notes, and file creation date) to the images and create PDF. If you enter sources, such as reference, you can use immediately as materials of presentations and conference. Important image files and PDF files can send as e-mail attachment,and upload the Cloud Storage Service, for example Dropbox.

<Main function>
●PDF Function
You can convert a PDF file to created image and text data (title, tags, notes, creation date and time), and see together in one file.

Take with camera of Android device. Take with Auto Focus.

If there is an unnecessary part of captured image, crop it.

●Clear Image
After input the necessary documents into Android device, clear it. If you take in the dark, characters are more visible.

●Manage Image
Tag image and jot it, give the title it to manage captured documents.

This function is used to help locate an documents. Tap tab of tags on the left, so show the list of only selected images tagged. As a result, be easy to search desired image.

●Manage List
You can sort the list or delete unnecessary documents.

<Supported OS>
Android OS version 2.2 or higher (Except for the tablet).
<Validated Models>
GalaxyS2(SC-02C)、Xperia arco(IS11S)、Xperia arc(SO-01C)
The copyright for the photos and images within the application (AnywhereScanner) belongs to Atlas Co., Ltd.
This application handles photo images and thus uses a large amount of memory.
In some devices where the available memory is low, this application may run out of memory whilst processing the photos and may be unable to continue.
In this situation, the application displays a dialogue box notifying you that there is insufficient memory. Normally you will be able to press the button for closing the application so that once the application is shutdown then the memory is freed up again.
Please note that some devices may not be able to restore its memory after closing the application.
'AnywhereScannerPDF' has implemented the ability to generate PDF.
To view the PDF that has been generated in 'AnywhereScannerPDF' is required 'Adobe Reader'.
Behavior of the PDF viewing application other than the 'Adobe Reader' is not guaranteed.
*Adobe Systems Incorporated

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