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    Published: 2012-03-08, by .

    AppGarden is an app of apps: it includes lots of simple apps within it

    • Amount of mini apps
    • Ease of use
    • Really useful
    • Layout/interface could be improved

    "Handy solutions"

    Do you remember those classic games that were 100-in-1. Well, AppGarden is something like this but instead of games it's about apps. It merges lots of simple apps (that mostly perform one function) in a list. For instance, imagine that you need to record a short clip of audio: scroll down the list until "Audio recorder", set a name for your clip and tap on "start". That easy. Another case: imagine that you need a currency conversor, so here you are. Or even need to look up a holidays calendar in your country, so scroll down again until "Holidays", select your country and check it out.

    This is just a slice of the cake: there are up to 50 different mini-apps that will save your a** (paid version includes even more). Timer, timezone information, urban dictionary, URL shortener, Weather info, Word of the day, Words that rhyme with..., random number, random password, Ohm's law calculations, mapping, dictionary... It's just insane the amount of features.

    Instead of installing such an amount of apps on your device for perform simple actions, install just one: AppGarden.

    We've to congratulate its developers (Fluffy Delusions) for introducing a new concept of app that eases user's life and free devices storage. High recommendable.

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