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Objective :

You’re at the airport in Los Angeles. Your plane boards in 20 minutes. Your office suddenly sends you an email document that needs your attention to review and approve before you get on that plane. A successful business meeting in New York depends on this document.

Now what? Go to the business lounge, find a printer, email the document to the printer, mark up the hardcopy, scan it and then email back?? You’re not making that flight if you do that.


APPROVED combines mobile flexibility with office features. This 'office in your pocket' app is the ideal solution for the mobile professional who must constantly review emails and documents.

APPROVED is an intuitive mobile replication of an entire document approval process.

APPROVED allows users to markup documents and conclude the process with a digital approval stamp and a sign. A series of simple steps enable the user to capture document images, annotate and approve documents. The user no longer requires the drawn out process of printing, marking up, scanning and then emailing back.

Your mobile device now executes ALL OF THE ABOVE in a fraction of the time

Key Features:

Opens PDF documents via email attachments by providing the all-important 'open with' functionality

Saves a library of reviewed documents for quick future reference.

Supports JPG and PNG formats and also allows for the creation of documents from ‘take picture’, ‘add from library’ and 'Add from Email Attachment'.

Documents can be opened and viewed with Smartphone sensitive motions and a ‘zoom’ functionality.

Simple commands: Stamps “Approved” and “Not Approved” are displayed prominently at the bottom of the screen. The stamps are easily customized to contain relevant company data with a signature.

Stamp preferences for further customizations are available to set stamp data, add signature and to change size, location, rotation, and ink color to ensure complete compliance with company or personal requirements. Ten Pre-formatted stamp texts are also available and also editable.

Following the user’s review, the SEND functionality will permanently burn the chosen stamp, user created markups and notes into the original PDF that was worked on and create an email with the newly burnt attachment.

All documents are automatically saved. A copy of the document will be available to safely recreate the last state of the document and allow for additional markups.

Highly confidential documents remain secure with a password feature.

APPROVED intuitive features make the review & authorization process simple, fast, and efficient. “Seeking to Simplify”

To the purchaser of the Application:

Disclaimer: Krya Solutions Private Limited (Krya) is not aware of the contents of the document stamped nor does it authenticate the veracity or correctness of the document stamped. The purchaser of this application agrees that Krya shall not be held liable or be responsible in any manner whatsoever in the use of this application.

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