Appsaver+App2sd(2.2+) Pro



This is a simple and lightening fast appbackup+uninstaller+app2sd+apprestore
1)Quick save apps to SD.
2)Quick uninstall apps you dislike.
3)move the Apps2sd.
4)Move the app back to phone.
5)see which apps are movable and which are not.
6)launch apps in one click.
7)three sort modes to sort alphabetically or by size or by date.
8)Filtered system apps.(option to show system apps).
9)view the app on market directly with one click.
10)does one of your have updates check it with one click.
11)View installed app information.
12)view app size information.
13)extremely fast and simple.
14) share app with one click.
15) sort by last update time.
16) move all apps option.
17)auto backup of apps on install(by default it is disabled go to setting to enable it).
18)multi uninstall.
19)batch uninstall.
20)restore apps from backuo.
21)multi restore.
Reads for devices having version less than 2.2:
apps2sd is a features on android 2.2+ devices so if my app shows that the apps are movable, and you couldn't its because device is having version less than 2.2(froyo).the developer has given the facility to move the app to sdcard so my app shows it to be movable.the on sdcard tab may crash on version less than 2.2.please do not post bad reviews based on the things i cant help.
if the app force closes on your device or their is some kind of bug please mail me with your model number and android version and report problem with google play so that i can reply to you and solve your problem efficiently.

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