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    Your questionnaires, tests, quiz, evaluation forms, easily and in any place on your Android device, that’s possible now !

    With Assess! You can carry any kind of assessments (multiple choice questionnaires). The idea is simple: by using a model of configurable script, you enter all the questionnaires that you want to have with you in any place and any time. You enter the questions, the different sets of possible answers, the values associated with these answers, and the various counters that will compute the final score(s). Assess! can even automatically compute the normalized “T” scores (based on the statistical values that you put in the script).

    Whatever the application field is: medicine, psychiatry, psychology, or for any type of evaluation (knowledge tests, logical or “IQ” tests, exams…), you can now have all the necessary tools right in your pocket. The possibilities are quite infinite. You just have to enter your questionnaires in the Assess! format, using a very simple syntax. The number of questionnaires is not limited.

    The user interface is available in French and English, but the questionnaires can naturally be written in any language.

    During runtime, Assess! asks all the questions one after one giving you access, for each of them, to the list of available answers. After the last question, a “diagnosis” is displayed following your design layout. This text can also be copied in the clipboard (for import in other Android applications) or directly sent via email or SMS.

    Quick start guide:

    During the first run, an example script "hads.txt" (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale) is created in the /Assess directory of the memory card (SD). The complete instructions for creating your own scripts are contained in this file.

    To create your questionnaires, we suggest you to copy the hads.txt file on your desktop computer, copy it to a new one and use this copy as a template for your new script.

    All script files must be written in UTF-8 format (for non-ASCII characters) and stored in the /Assess directory of your device's memory card.

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