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    'AutoCorrect Switch app aims to rein in power of smartphone prediction'- Silicon Prairie News

    'New App eliminates problems with AutoCorrect'- Kansas City Hispanic News

    AutoCorrect switch is an app exclusively built to provide easy access to enable and disable the autocorrection (prediction) option provided on an as needed basis, without going back and forth changing your keyboard settings.
    There are times when you might need the autocorrect feature and there are times when you don’t.
    Simply logon to our app and start typing what you want. Turn on or off the Autocorrect switch as many times as you want.
    After you are done typing simply select the option of where you want to post it.
    In the Auto-correct Switch app from your menu key on your phone, you will be able to share the message as an email or Message. You can also copy the message and then paste it into any app or document.
    Now you can be in control of what you share and forget the annoying suggestions that autocorrection feature gives you while you are typing your messages or notes.

    Note: This app works in combination with the prediction feature of your phone. Make sure this feature is ON by going into settings>language & keyboard>touch input>Text input>prediction

    Turn Off or On AutoCorrect in One Place.
    Compose in one central place to send via email or message.
    Create Notes and export them to apps like Evernote.

    Benefits and uses:
    Convenience of staying in one place and having control over the auto correction feature through the switch.
    Key once without having to switch applications for the same message improving efficiency.
    Turn OFF AutoCorrect to prevent miscommunication and avoid embarrassment by knowing that what you send is exactly what you type.
    Extremely useful for bilingual people who type messages in both languages using one type of keyboard. For example, type Spanish in English keyboard without getting suggestions for English words

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