AVG Cleaner for Android phones


AVG Cleaner for Android phones's review


Simple yet comprehensive cleaner/optimizer

  • Simple to use
  • Just the essential functions
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Not always clear what it's up to
  • Some menu selections open Play Store without warning

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"Tidy up yer 'droid (mommmm, do I have to?)"


AVG Cleaner has been around the block a few times, but that doesn't make it any less of a great, simple cleaner app. If your Android's arteries are clogged with crap, this is a solid option to clear it out before it keels over and chokes. There's a great balance here between automatic scanning/sweeping and allowing you to actually peek into and tweak the innards of your device yourself.


The design is snazzy and modern - the design team is clearly hip with the kids. It's extremely easy to use. The first screen warned me that I'd need to upgrade to pro to get rid of the ads, but then there were none to be found - bonus.


Like all cleaning apps, there are still some buttons that make percentages change and bars flit around the screen without actually making it clear what's happening with your device. There are also some menu selections that open up the Play Store without warning.

Original review from Nov 13, 2014:

AVG Cleaner – Memory & Storage is a one-stop shop for getting your Android in ship-shape.

The cache feature shows you which apps are storing data on your device, allowing you to clear up any junk that's lying around with one tap. Ditto the history feature. The app uninstaller shows you how big each of the apps you have installed is, and you can select whichever ones you no longer use from the list for rapid removal. Finally, the battery feature lets you optimize the background processes running on your device, like bluetooth and mobile data, plus brightness and screen rotation. You can even set presets for different locations, like Home and Work.

Design is attractive and the app is very easy to use. You can only enjoy it free for 30 days, however - then you've got to pony up (cleaning apps have to eat too, you know).

Original score: 7.0

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