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'I've forgotten my password.' Sick of hitting that button and the tiresome process that follows? Here's a simple and safe solution.

  • Easy to use
  • Management via a category system
  • Add new categories
  • Basic design

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"Useful and secure"


To you have the faintest idea of how many passwords you store in your head? Sometimes we opt for always using the same one, but that's not a very safe method; once one password is stolen, all of them are. For that reason it's advised that we use different passwords for every site or service we use online, and that the passwords themselves have a certain level of complexity. If you don't want to run the risk of forgetting them, this password manager is a great solution, so that you'll always have them to hand.


aWallet Password Manager is a good password manager. We like it because it offers a high level of security to protect your passwords, and because it lets you manage them via a useful category system. You'll easily be able to find the passwords for your bank account, email addresses, computer login, online shopping sites, and credit cards. If you want, you can also add new folders and tailor the app a little bit more to your needs.


The app design is quite basic. You won't find any kind of sophistication here, although to be frank it's not really needed. Being able to keep control of our passwords is enough for us!

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by Cecília

Oct 17, 2016

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