Awesome Alarm



Updated for Android 4.4.x (KitKat)

Awesome Alarm was designed with idea of ultimate utility for an alarm application.

Permission INTERNET is used for the optional Twitter integration. If you enable this, you are able to configure an alarm to automatically send a tweet when you dismiss your alarm.

Permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required for Android 4.4 to read ringtones

The main features are
- Android Holo interface
- Dashclock integration
- Nighttime Mode
- Automatically send a tweet to Twitter when you've dismissed your alarm.
- Set any number of alarms
- Fade alarm sound in
- Choose a dialog
----Simple default
----Large snooze button
----Snooze puzzle (simple math)
----Sunrise screen
- Skip any individual alarm occurrence (See explanation below)
- Wake up before your alarm? You can skip the morning occurrence without disabling your alarm
- Pre-alarm to help wake up on time (See explanation below)
- Quick alarm
- 12 and 24-hour formats

Skipping an alarm
You may skip one individual alarm time without disabling or altering the alarm. Your alarm repeats Monday through Friday. If you have Monday off, you can skip Monday only and never needing to disable your alarm and forgetting to re-enable it.

You can set a pre-alarm that goes off at a time you decide before your alarm. It ramps the volume from 0% to the volume you set over 5 minutes. If you're sleeping deeply, you won't wake up.

If you are sleeping lightly, you'll awaken gently and you can dismiss the pre-alarm.

Twitter integration
Automatically send a Tweet to Twitter when you dismiss your alarm to tell your fans that you're awake.

This contains an alarm clock with a gentle pre-alarm. It also has integration with Twitter to tell everyone you've woken up. If that weren't enough, dashclock integration is included.

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