Barcodescanner Keyboard + NFC

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    This innovative soft-keyboard enables you to scan barcodes and NFC tags directly into apps. The scanned data appears immediately - as typed by yourself - in the active input field of the app you are currently using. The Barcodescanner Keyboard with NFC reduces typing efforts and will be a real timesaver! FULL version.

    In addition to manual typing and voice input this soft-keyboard allows you to scan barcodes or NFC tags into almost any app. Barcodes or NFC tags are scanned with a single swipe or tap. The scanned data will be entered directly into the active input-field of an app. Error-prone manual typing, tedious copy and paste or app switching is not required anymore. The Barcodescanner Keyboard with NFC resembles the user interface of the Android standard keyboard - you will immediately be familiar with it. Modifications of the target app are not necessary.

    The Barcodescanner Keyboard with NFC is very flexible, ready for volume licensing, optimized for bulk deployment and can be configured to meet almost any requirement. It meets demands of commercial, industrial, logistics and supply chain applications. In case of special needs please let the developers know, the implementation of custom OEM versions is possible.

    + Keyboard with integrated barcode scanner and NFC tag reader
    + State-of-the-art keyboard layout, multi-language support
    + Swipe to scan (gesture support, ideal for users wearing protective gloves)
    + Swipe to switch between alphanumeric, symbolic and numeric keyboard layout
    + Swipe to delete input field
    + Always show soft-keyboard (display the soft keyboard even if a hardware keyboard or HID scanner is connected)
    + Voice recognition, suggestions, dictionaries, fast keyboard switching
    + Adjustable external barcode scanner apps
    + One-by-one or batch mode barcode scanning
    + Scan barcodes in any screen orientation (portrait, landscape, auto)
    + Configurable scanner keys
    + Adjustable, rule-based keyboard behavior (barcode prefix, barcode postfix, cursor movement commands, control key support for simulating ENTER, CONFIRM, ... , selectable initial keyboard layout, ...)
    + Quicktext (custom text modules) support
    + Multiple licensing options (Google Play, online activation for users without a Google account, bulk licensing with license files)
    + Ready for bulk deployment (configuration file support)
    + Autoscan option (automatically invoke scanner in certain input fields)
    + Works with almost any target app

    SUPPORT: In case of problems, questions or requests please contact (mail) / TECITSupport (Skype).

    FREE DEMO: A free demo version is available on Google Play. This free demo displays a hint dialogue in irregular intervals, all other features are identical. Just search for apps published by TEC-IT.

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