Battery Low SMS



This application sends the canned SMS text to the recipient when your phone battery gets low.

If you are wondering - Why would I ever need to inform "my" phone battery level to "anyone" ?
Well.. there are numerous reasons viz.

Use cases:

# When you want to intimate your dear ones that they shouldn't worry if your phone is not reachable- as your phone battery is getting down. May want to indicate your alternate number/ friend's name in the message.
e.g Hi Dad, my phone might run out of battery in sometime, I am with my basketball team celebrating today's victory in pool. Phone's not in my pocket ofcourse ;).

# When your elder ones forget to charge their android smart phones, then configure this app to inform yourself whenever their phone battery gets low.
e.g Autotext: Me to myself ! Its time to be at the helm to put on charge Mom's phone !!

Mail me if you make use of it in any other better way - you get the credit!

Q: Why this app does not allow me to select the battery percentage at which SMS should be sent ?
A: To send message at a user selected level, the application will then require to constantly process at each battery level change for the match- which eventually drains more battery as a side-effect.
Thus to avoid this battery sapping, this app simply sits idle until Android itself declares a low battery state, which is generally 15% - a source code configurable value set by your phone manufacturer stock/ custom rom developer.

Q: Why this app does not start automatically on phone boot?
A: IMHO any app which involves direct cost to the end-user (e.g SMS charges) should first acquire consent explicity before operating - nothing should be sneaky !

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