Biblical Measures Converter



- Have you ever wondered how much money a talent could be today?
- How long are 300 span?
- What is the volume of 3 ephah?

This app will help you to quickly convert measures an units we usually find in the Bible and other historical books to modern units.

Excellent tool for your personal study and investigation.

Units supported:

- Money: denarious (Roman, silver), drachmas (Greek, silver), didrachmas (Greek, silver),tetradrachmas (silver), minas ,talents

- Liquid measures (volume): log, cab, hin, bath, cor

- Dry measures (volume): cab, omber, seah, ephah, homer

- Linear measures: fingerbreadth, handbreadth, span, cubit, long cubit, reed, long reed, fathom, roman mile

Please remember that there is a wide variation in the estimates of historical measurements, so all modern equivalents are to be considered approximate. All the conversion are based in the information provided by the "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" published by Jehovah's Witnesses (This is not an official Watchtower application)

The monetary conversion of silver coins has been made using the price of a silver ounce troy (36 $) on 2011

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