Bin Dec Hex Oct Converter Plus



The only free 64-bit Bin, Dec, Hex and Oct converter and calculator on the Android market.

The bug that caused it to crash (when intentionally mis-using it) has been fixed since version 1.11. That review is no longer relevant.

*64-bit (unsigned) conversion
*Negative conversions
*64-bit (signed) equations (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
*Treats letters as their old-style phone keyboard equivalent (except for 0, due to the "-" being used for subtraction).

Thanks to the exp4j parser and my own handler for non-base 10 math: this can now handle equations such as "(4E+3C)/A"

Anyone that donates can suggest improvements/changes via emailing me. Any donations would be appreciated:

Total donations received: $0

Possible future improvements (based on donations received):
*Higher bit capability
*Custom keyboard
*Tablet layout

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