BizShare is a software platform that enables online file synchronization, sharing, and backup for businesses. With a focus on security, reliability, and integration, BizShare provides organizations with a solution to the universal access, sharing, and file-recovery problems that plague them. Simply put, BizShare is the most advanced file-based cloud-synchronization platform for businesses. BizShare is the only solution designed from the ground up to meet the security and flexibility requirements of businesses.

Key Features
• Easily access all of your files from anywhere
• No more need for FTP, VPN to access company data
• Large email attachments are no longer necessary with point, click, and share
• High-availability to ensure continuous uptime
• Real-time sync technology for seamless backups
• Keep notes & browser bookmarks securely accessible from any device
• Share files, folders with the click of the mouse
• Secure and managed file-sharing for internal and external parties
• Granular admin controls, user-access and security controls
• 448-bit encryption
• Continuous, real-time backup
• Simplicity: Beautiful web-interface and easy to use software for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices