Block SPAM SMS (silently) collects all SPAM SMS coming from:
1. Invalid senders such as LM-ASTROLOGY, TD-LOTTERY
2. Specific Phone numbers

As all non-numeric senders are regarded as SPAM, initially, you need to train this application to ALLOW some of the trusted senders.

Once marked as 'Trusted' - the SMS from that sender would then be delivered directly in your Messaging 'Inbox'.

SPAM from numeric numbers are not blocked automatically (as they are proper phone-number formats). Once added to 'Blocked List' the from that sender would be collected here too.


-Clear SPAM EVERYDAY - Clear All
-After Phone restart - Launch ONCE
-Ignore it from TASK KILLER APPS
-Keep the app icon handy at first screen itself

LONG PRESS >> ALLOW = Adds to Trusted
LONG PRESS >> INBOX = Adds to Trusted + Saves SMS to Inbox
MENU >> CLEAR ALL = Deletes all SPAM
MENU >> TRUSTED LIST = Shows Trusted List
MENU >> BLOCKED LIST >> Shows Blocked List
MENU >> BLOCKED LIST >> MENU = Add Sender (Hint: Medium touch over sender number in SMS gives "Copy" option in Android SMS app)

Even though it was made for India users (who were the MOST-SPAMMED people on earth!) - The statistics show that this App is being used more in US & other countries!

Block SPAM SMS+ (the paid version) of this app has these additional features:
- Implementation as a Service (no need to start it each time)
- Blocking SMS based on keywords within the SMS i.e. property, loan, lottery etc. if contained in SMS content would be blocked
- Notification icon in status bar

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