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Brevis is a minimal shortcut and file manager that lets you build a shortcut menu with folders and files. While folders on the main home screen are convenient, they don't really allow access to a lot of files quickly. Brevis lets you set shortcuts to your favorite files, music, video, documents and pdfs. Tapping any file name in either manager will allow you to open it, or select available programs to handle the file type.

To create a shortcut you can create a shortcut folder or file structure in the shortcut manager, tap and hold a folder or file and select set shortcut location. Brevis will direct you to the file manager to select a folder or file to create under the shortcut. Another way to create a shortcut is by tap and hold any file or folder in the file manager and selecting create shortcut. Then navigate to the shortcut location in the shortcut manager and from the main menu select create shortcut. Brevis will create a shortcut to all items in a folder, sub folders and files in the destination.

Creating shortcuts from very large folders may take some time, I will put a progress indicator in the next release.

Shortcut Manager
File Manager
Rename/Delete/Open Files,Folders

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