Business Registry Lite




    Business Registry is a software for the people work hourly for different costumer
    This software keep in memory all the work , the starting and ending time and the work done .
    At any time you can query the software to have all the work done to a single costumer or the work done daily . In the full version you can send report of the work done to your costumer or to anyone you choose and export the table of work to a csv file .
    You can apply different price list ( You have a range of people with a discount of 5% and another people with a price higher ? With this software you can apply this price list and get a report with the daily total .
    You can carry with you your costumer list or insert it when you start the work .
    When you insert a work you can insert the work relation , time of start and ending time.
    In the full version you can find also a backup utility.
    Software Highligth
    - Multiple price list
    - Customer List
    - New Work
    - Closing open work
    - Dayli Report
    - Costumer Report ( all the work done to the costumer )
    - Send a mail to costumer with relation of work ( Only in full version )
    - Send a mail with relation of work ( Only in full version )
    - Export work list on a csv file ( Only in full version )
    - Backup database ( Only in full version )

    On Business Registry you can't find any special effect , freak graphic or other .
    Is a works program and for this the easier the better .

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