CalenDo! [Project + Planner]



* This is for you who want to manage your schedule and project at once.

* First of all...
CalenDo is really different comparing usual planner or calendar apps. So it is strongly suggested that check in app manual or read / watch user manual on web site Sonien studio :
But I am really sorry currently user manual is only provided in Korean. I will provide english version for international customers ASAP.

* Consist of CalenDo.
1. Category : Basis of your life. You may categorize your life. ex) Home, Work, Hobby...
2. Schedule : User set up jobs that he/she would do today.
3. Project : User can handle any long/middle term projects that hard to make certain schedules.
4. Open management : User can check any not-completed or delayed, progressing schedules at once.

* Only in CalenDo.
1. Not as usual planners, CalenDo provide "Delay" / "Progress" function to reveal user's real life events. If you didn't finish today's job, you may push them to tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or certain day. OR forget it! CalenDo's open management will remember it and you can continue it any time as you are ready. Sure, CalenDo provide history of those related schedules.

2. Schedules and Projects are linked. Now set up blue print using project at first. Like a tree grows up form a tiny seed, embody your project with complex items. And register one or more daily schedules for each items to implement your project. Information of project item will be shown on schedule, also schedules will be shown on related item. Sure, CalenDo provide history of those related project too.

* Notice
This application contains Banner Ad. If you want to remove Banner Ad, please purchase Ad remove service in Preference Menu of CalenDo.

* Version history
- Minor error (Program terminated when Version check server is down) fix

- Replace out of date Advertisement module.
- ClouDo service is finished because of leak of user. I am sorry.
- CalenDo can be placed in external storage since now.

- Error fix : CalenDo can be use without Internet connection.

- ClouDo! : Cloud of CalenDo is now on closed beta service.

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