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Ever annoyed by an unkown caller or some friend bought a new number and is annoying you with. And ever wondered how to get rid of it?

Or you are some place or at meeting and want to accept a call from specific number(s).

Now Calls and SMS Filter can help:

It’s time to take a step, download Calls and SMS Filter, it will block calls and sms from the list provided by the user.

Feature List:

Black List
–Block unwanted calls (Reject calls)
–Block spam SMS (Simply block black list)
-Select whether to block both SMS and Calls or block one of them.

Block all Unknown calls.
-you can block all calls that are not in your contact list.
-Block private numbers

White List
-Block all incoming number except the numbers listed in Whitelist

-Sends an automatic to caller that are not avaialble in White List, when White List is activated.

1) Enter your Country Code inorder to Block SMS eg 92, 91 etc.
2) SMS blocking service will not work if GO SMS Pro is installed.
3) Dual Sim handsets are not yet supported.
4) As of KitKat the blocking is not working. Please wait as I find an alternative to block SMS.

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