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This is a calendar application whose cells are shaped like a flexible capsule so that it can contain detail schedule data. And you can quickly see what you should do next when you open this app by shrinking the past schedule entries, changing the first day of week to make today cell central, customizing holiday settings, or changing font styles of each label.

And you can see the calendar editor when you click a capsule, similarly you can see the TODO editor when you click the TODO tab in the calendar view.
The calendar editor has "Blur" button to hide the software keyboard and close the detail part of schedule entries, and "Undo"/"Redo" button to fix your operational mistakes.
I think this editor is effective when you open this on a small smart device.

Additionally, you can put the one day widget on your desktop. This widget automatically updates itself only when a day ends and the time pasts each schedule end time so that it saves your battery while updating in real time. It is useful for you to put this widget on the desktop on behalf of this app icon to tap to open the calendar.

By the way, this app can synchronize the TODO/DONE data without the network access. The reason is that the TODO/DONE entries are stored as a calendar entries on the 1st day of the newest month of the next 10 months.
Since Android devices can have the calendar cache only from 1 month ago to 1 years later, I've come up with this specification. So only if you open this app to see the TODO list once 11 months, the TODO data cannot be lost even if the calendar cache has been deleted.

Please give me some advice or comments if you have, thanks.

Privacy policies:
As you can see from the permissions opened, this app does not use your calendar data out of this app. I carefully checked that this app reads and writes data on your calendars correctly. But even when this app happens to go wrong and it harms you, I have no responsibilities about it, sorry.

Please contact me if you would like to divert my source code or tool idea.
(Although I do not publish my source code now)

2012/11/12 2.4.8 on the calendar view, improved the performance a little, saturated the number of updating weeks to be clearly seen and hide the scroll bar.
2012/11/12 2.4.7 improved scrolling by keeping the speed while updating the calendar view
2012/11/11 2.4.6 improved performance and stability on calendar view.
2012/10/18 2.4.5 fixed NPE error on reminder dialogs and improved 1day widget
2012/10/13 2.4.4 improved widgets looks and deleted unnecessary dialog when closing calendar editor without dirty entries.
2012/10/09 2.4.3 changed the text color of capsules to be seen clearly
2012/10/08 2.4.2 changed icon
2012/10/08 2.4.1 optimized calendar data access to improve the calendar scrolling and page changing. Also improved the order of schedule entries.
2012/10/07 2.4.0 added repeat settings
2012/10/02 2.3.8 added Guest feature. changed UI on calendar editor as an usual look
2012/09/29 2.3.7 fixed 1day widget to make the color changeable.
2012/09/26 2.3.6 fixed 1day widget problem of not updating on a certain condition
2012/09/25 2.3.5 added switch to show the update time on 1day widget, added jump on date picker calendar, improved scrolling calendar.
2012/09/24 2.3.4 fixed color setting dialog
2012/09/24 2.3.3 improved TODO view
2012/09/23 2.3.2 simplified capsules for better performance
2012/09/23 2.3.1 added handling on failing to get data from calendar provider.
2012/09/23 2.3.0 added initial account setting for creating new schedule entries and TODOs
2012/09/23 2.2.0 added TODO widget (large and small)
2012/09/19 2.1.2-4 modified one day widget update timing and label
2012/09/18 2.1.1 changed TODO store format(sorry, please make sure that your TODOs and DONEs stored with ver 2.0.0 will be unavailable)
2012/09/17 2.0.1 fixed scrolling on TODO view
2012/09/17 2.0.0 Implemeted TODO/DONE features

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