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    Cerberus anti theft's review

    Published: 2011-08-26, by .

    Cerberus lets you monitoring and controlling remotely your phone when it gets lost or robbed

    • Web dashboard to control remotely your device
    • Monitor and manage your lost phone via SMS
    • Amount of features: call log, take a picture, wipe...
    • Just 6 days trial, then you have to buy license ($2.99)

    "The ultimate weapon anti-thieves"

    Cerberus is divided in two parts: the mobile app and the web version ( They work together to offer a comprehensive security service. For this reason you need to register by providing an e-mail and password to log in the web version. The e-mail will be used just in case you forget your password or to receive alerts when you lost your phone.

    There are two ways to control remotely your phone: through the website and via SMS (keywords). After registering, you will receive an Welcome e-mail and a attached list with the SMS codes you have to sent to enable/disable specific features. However, it's way more handy to access through the web (in case you can). What you can perform basically is:

    Start/stop tracking: it locates your phone on the map (you need to have enabled GPS, and better if you also have network enabled)

    Get device info: it shows the IP, WiFi network you are connected to (if you're so), operator, suscriptor ID, SIM Card and IMEI.

    Lock/unlock with code: set a password to lock screen

    Start alarm with a message: It starts ringing the alarm with a messages to the thief (e.g. give me back my phone!)

    Display a message: it shows a personal message in your phone screen

    Get call log/Get SMS log: it displays on the website your call and SMS logs

    Record audio: It records an audio track. You can set the time from the website (maximum 300s)

    Take a picture: It takes a picture using your front camera (it your device has one). Otherwise it takes the picture using the back camera. The picture is sent to your e-mail.

    Hide/show from app drawer: It hide the app "Cerberus" from the app drawer. Actually it doesn't hide it, but when you try to launch the app it says "This app isn't installed in your device".

    Wipe device memory/SDcard: In order to protect your data, you can wipe both internal and external card. You will have to allow it first from the app.

    What's more, from the app you can set automatic commands when the one who has taken your phone does specific stuff. For example, you can enable taking a picture automatically when the thief introduce a wrong unlock pattern, when he/she stops the alarma or when he/she closes the message sent via web or SMS.

    Finally, from SIM Checker configurator you can set up to three mobile phones that will receive an SMS when a non-authorized SIM card is introduced in your device (you can also select sending alert when the device is booted without SIM card). This SMS could include the following info: device location, non-authorized SIM card info. If you want to, an alert will be send also to your e-mail.

    Cerberus has been developed by LSDdroid, an emerging developer focused on security apps, who has done a great job with this app. So far, the best anti-thieft app for Android (it's a pity that there's only 6-days trial). However, if there's one app that deserves paying (just $2.99) for it, this is Cerberus. Must-have.

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