New - pre-loaded hurricane checklists

From the developer of the ListMaster app, CheckList provides a new sophisticated way to enter, manage, and save multiple ordered checklists or detailed procedures on your Android phone or tablet. CheckList allows you to number your checklist/procedure steps in a variety of ways: simple numbers, or letters, or a combination of numbers and letters, or in an outline format. Each step includes a description you enter and a status indicator you can set which could stand for step completed (passed), incomplete (failed), or not attempted. The step status, step identification, and step description can be edited /updated at any time. As you add or edit/update steps to your checklist, they are maintained in ascending numerical and/or alphabetical order. Steps may be deleted individually or you can start a new list at any time. You can insert new steps in your check list sequence by assigning a new step identifier which precedes or follows an existing step. You can name your check lists, and save, restore, or delete them. You can also e-mail a saved checklist to yourself, a friend, or colleague.

The updated app comes with three example checklists: a Hurricane Preparedness Check List, a Hurricane Evacuation Procedure, and a Hurricane Ride Out Procedure that can be tailored to suit your families needs.

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