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Chore Checklist helps you manage chores at home or other places. It records chores' completion date and calculate next due date based on your preference. The "automatic reset" feature always gives you fresh start of each recurring chores. It resets daily chores after midnight(or any hour you specify in "Settings"). For weekly, monthly or other recurring chores, it resets the progress based on conditions(see "Automatic Reset" section in Help for more detail).

It comes with a pre-loaded check list which has routines, such as "Daily Routine", "Weekly Routine", "Monthly Routine" and etc. You can edit them or add new routine/chores. You can set star/end date, reminder, progress and notes for each chore.

You will need to install this app on your phone(not SD card) in order to add widget to home screen.

The app also allows you to create multiple lists. In "Due Date View", user can combine multiple lists into one view sorted by due date.

In full version, there are also statistics reports to record chore completion history. With separate purchase of Chore Checklist Cloud Connector, the full version users can sync/backup to cloud and share their lists between devices and users. We also provide free online editor at for easy list editing.

See Help in app for more detailed instruction.

****** Important Notes (03/02/2015) *******
Due to storage security changes in Android KitKat+, lists are stored in external storage which is private to this app since v3.0.0. They will no longer be visible to the user. They will be automatically deleted when you uninstall the app. You must use "Backup and Restore" to recover your lists if you need to un-install/re-install the app or upgrade from lite to full version.

Previous release notes:
4/14/2014 - V2.2.4
Fix bug in syncing multiple lists(full version)
Fix bug in resetting progress when reset time is not midnight(full version)

7/25/2014 - Version 2.3.0
Add start/end date for chores
Make note/description pop-up toast window movable
Allow hiding chores due more than certain number of months in widget(full version)
Add visual statistics display for daily chores in routine view(full version)

10/27/2014 - Version 2.3.2
Allow displaying different lists in different home widgets
Sort lists alphabetically in list name drop down
Allow setting start date for all chores at once
Allow inserting a chore instead of always adding it to the end

3/2/2015 - V3.0.0
Change data storage location from external storage to internal storage
Add local "Backup and Restore"
Add search feature
Other minor bug fixes and improvement
Fix auto-sync issue when switching views
Fix issue with manual sorting
Fix chores reset issue in widget view when auto-reset is not midnight
Allow clearing report history

3/28/2015 - V3.0.1
Allow users to add view-only widget to the lock screen(Android 4.2+)
Fix skipped color showing on non-skipped daily chores issue
Other minor bug fixes

4/2/2015 - V3.0.2
Fix bug in skipping chores when auto-reset is not midnight
Allow sending chores in due date view
Other improvement

7/17/2015 - V3.0.3
Minor bug fixes

7/18/2015 - V3.0.4
Fix issue with adding new chore in v3.0.3

9/28/2015 - V3.0.5
All versions:
Fix notification display issue on Android Wear watches
Ignore case when sort chores alphabetically
Other bug fixes and improvement

Full version:
Add options to show chores due today or in current month only in widget
Allow user to skip prompting for finishing for previous cycle
Allow user to choose accent color(checkbox color) in Honeycomb+

1/26/2016 - V3.1.0
Add new scheduling option for monthly and yearly chores(e.g. 2nd Tuesday, last Monday, last day of a month)*
Add priority to chores
Allow user to assign different colors to lists
Add option to check off daily chore for yesterday in Due Date View
Add option to reset color to system default
Automatically advance start and end date to next year when end date is passed
Other bug fixes and improvement

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