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    A part of the Cleyr Unity platform, Cleyr Card makes it easy to create your very own, personal Android app. This app builder simplifies creating an app with multiple pages, images, and contact information. Best of all, Cleyr Card, and your first two builds, are free!

    Add Multiple Contacts

    Easily add multiple contact pages by selecting from your Android device contact book. This is a great way to publish an app with your key company members, your special friends or family members. Each contact page contains tap-to-call support for phone numbers, tap-to-email, a Twitter link, a Website, a photograph, description, and address information that links to Google maps. Select a primary contact, and it always shows as a button at the bottom of your app, for instant reference.

    Add Multiple Stories and Sections with Photos and Audio

    The heart of your app is its content, and Cleyr Card makes it easy to add sections and stories. And Cleyr Card streamlines creating a content-rich app by letting you pick any number of images from your Gallery. Add audio clips by dictating them right into Cleyr Card.

    Start From a Built In Template

    To make it as easy as possible for you to create a great app, we've included an app template. Just select it, then change it to meet your needs. When you are ready, tap "Build app" and before you know it you have your very own Android app.

    Build Unlimited Apps

    That's right, you can build as many apps as you like. Like all components of the Cleyr Unity platform, Cleyr Card supports creating, saving, and opening any number of Cleyr files on your Android device. Whenever you want to create an app, just choose the "Build app" menu option by tapping on the cover screen.

    Only Pay for the Builds You Create

    Your initial installation of Cleyr Card provides you 2 free build credits. That means you can build your first app for no cost at all to you! When you run out, you can recharge, right from the app, for the bargain price of just $0.99 for 10 credits.

    No Ads

    Cleyr Card has absolutely no ads to distract you from the joy of creating your very own personal Android app.

    No Fees or Restrictions on Distribution

    Any app you create with Cleyr Card can be distributed through whatever channel you choose. Whether you give it away, or charge, there are no extra fees to distribute your app.

    Use Your Content to Create eBooks with Cleyr eBook

    With the Cleyr Unity platform, any Cleyr file you create in one app can be used in another. That means you can author a great app with Cleyr Card. Then, when you want to create an eBook, just hop on over to our Cleyr eBook listing, and pick up that app. Open the Cleyr file you created in Cleyr Card, and right away you can generate an eBook. That's what we mean by Unity!

    Technical Notes

    Cleyr Card creates signed APKs.

    When distributing your apps using email, Web browser, or similar mechanisms, please ensure that your recipients have enabled Third Party apps on their Android device.

    Cleyr does not guarantee your app will be accepted into distribution markets, such as Google Play.