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Choose "Share" from the menu such as a filer and a browser, and start.

- Get file path.
- Get web title/app name.
- Add text to clipboard.
- Extract URL from the clipboard.
- View AndroidManifest.xml in the APK file.
- Save as single HTML.(only inline images)
- HTML source viewer.
- Source code viewer.
- Text viewer.
- Binary viewer.
- Base64 encoder/decoder.
- Get app information.
- Get information of Youtube Video.

Support format:
- Text
- APK File
- HTML File
- Source Code File
- Other Files
- Android Market
- Youtube

Features that require the Internet:
- Get application information from the market
- Get the source and title from the Web
- Get information from Youtube videos

- Press and hold the menu key, switches to the text menu on the clipboard.
- Long tap on the code viewer, to be text selection mode.
- When the not canceled progress dialog is displayed, is forced to exit by pressing and holding the back key.

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