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    Cloudpipes is a powerful dropbox automator.

    Cloudpipes has a
    - powerful Dropbox file manager
    - powerful scheduler

    This is the Donate version of Cloudpipes.

    In addition to all the free version features, it contains the following additional features:
    - Infinite number of pipes!
    - Ability to Disable pipes
    - Flatten files into a single directory
    - Recursive directory copy can be disabled now
    - Launcher Shortcuts to run a pipe
    - Backup/Restore you pipe settings

    Reviewed by AndroidAuthority:
    Whether you’re a person who needs to schedule your daily activities or someone who simply wants a hassle-free day, Cloudpipes will be a great help for you.


    What it can do
    It can be used for file organisation, backup or automate file transfers. You can send or receive files from the cloud seamlessly whenever you want.

    You can manage your media by scheduling an upload of your Camera folder, or downloading your mp3 playlist every morning.

    Also, contains a powerful Dropbox browser that can upload/download whole folders at once!

    How it works
    You create pipes that link a remote dropbox folder to a folder on your device. From here you can upload or download files at a given time. You can schedule the transfers when you want.

    - Custom pipes! Direct your files to where you want to!
    - Scheduler
    - File filter (filter which files to transfer)
    - Power aware (transfer on WiFi or on charge)
    - Bandwidth aware (does revision checking on files)
    - Runs in background without consuming extra processing
    - Notifications
    - Integration
    - Dropbox browser with Folder upload/download capabilities
    - Starts on boot

    Usage suggestions

    The Dropbox API limits the maximum file upload size to 150 MB.

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    Please report issues to so that the app can be improved.

    Please be aware that the developer takes no responsibility for loss of data or any other implications.

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