Don't just sit there. Do something.

Join more than 1,000 student journalists for the 2011 CMA-CBI Spring College Media Convention at the Marriott Marquis hotel overlooking Times Square.

Choose from 200 sessions and dozens of contests, interactive programs, and hands-on training programs.

This annual convention is hosted by College Media Advisers and College Broadcasters, Inc. and features the latest in new media training in the greatest media city in the world.

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There are 3 simple steps to share your contact information with other attendees and receive theirs:
ENTER - To enter your contact information, tap on the "Contacts" icon in the home screen, then "Edit Your Contact Info" item in the contacts menu, and enter your information in the provided form. Exit the screen when you are done using the device's "back" button or icon. Only the "Display Name" is required. "Display Name" and "Organization" will appear to all other Event-Goers with the app. All other information will only be shared with people you decide to share with.
SHARE - Tap on the "Attendee" item in the contacts menu. Find person you want to share your contact information with in the resulting list. Tap on their name to send them your contact information.
SEE - Tap on the "Your Contacts" item in the Contacts menu. Once someone has sent you their contact information, they will appear in this list.

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