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Colabus Enterprise edition is suited for teams in an organization working on multiple projects. There are more robust administrative features in this edition. You will need to have a registered account before you can use the system.

Colabus is a mobile/ cloud based, flexible, powerful, and easy to use collaboration tool for teams in an organization. Sharing and working together on multiple projects is now easy, right from your mobile device! A single portal to collate and share everything related to projects - ideas, discussions, micro blogs, emails, documents, hyperlinks, tasks and workflows in a secure environment; without requiring major organizational changes. Collaborate not only within team members, but across the company with other employees as well as outsiders like consultants, vendors and customers. Privacy settings give you control of what information gets shared amongst team members.

The PROJECTS module provides a comprehensive set of features to manage any special purpose project. All discussions, project documents, emails, tasks and the details of team members related to the project are accessible in the same place. Privacy settings control the access to documents and other details by different team members.

The IDEAS module provides a convenient way of brainstorming ideas and organizing your thoughts. The ease with which one can organize ideas and sub-ideas and reorder them is a very powerful feature of this module. All related material like documents, links, comments, tasks for an idea are maintained at all times. Share your ideas with select group of people and collaborate with them.

The Agile module helps manage projects that follow the Agile methodology. For existing projects (projects are created in the Projects Workspace menu), Epics and Stories can be created, implemented and tracked. Stories are organized under Epics. Manage the completion of stories and associated tasks, move stories from one sprint to another and keep track of the completion of tasks across sprints. View the progress in tabular and chart forms (budget to actuals, burn down, Velocity Chart etc.). Stages and ScrumBoard can be viewed for Sprint and Sprint Groups. Stories can be moved to different Stages using ScrumBoard.

Create and track task for their completion and progress. Various types of tasks are supported – Regular Tasks, Workflow Tasks, Document tasks and Events. Tasks assigned to you are listed under ‘My Tasks’. Tasks that you have assigned to other people are listed under ‘Assigned Tasks’. View the progress of the tasks and associated comments at various stages of completion of the task. Documents or hyperlinks in support of the task completion can also be viewed. Workflow tasks help with streamlining creation of repetitive tasks by using workflow templates. Default Completion codes can be added to comments while updating ‘My Task’.

This module helps you to create and manage folders and files. Folder Owner can Share the files with multiple users. Tasks can be created for the documents. One can view documents from Google Drive or Box or Drop Box.

This module lets you manage personal stuff and selectively share with other people. Customized notebooks in various formats (Post-It style, plain paper, to-do lists etc.) help you keep track of your notes. The Blog feature lets you create your own blogs. The Gallery section lets you upload photos and create albums.

This module lets you view all the personnel in your organization. You can also maintain your personal contacts. The Message section shows you the personal message threads that were sent to you as well as let you reply back to the sender.

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