Communilator™ is the world’s most advanced mobile phone language translation application. Capable of recognizing and translating foreign text (books, newspapers, menus, etc.) in 46 languages captured with the mobile phone camera; of delivering translations in over 3,000 language-pairs; of providing High-Quality (HQ) Speech for translations in 21 foreign languages; of bilingual communications through SMS and email; and of seamless integration with Google Voice for source language input. Over 400 Voice-To-Voice language pairs.

■ TRANSLATE BETWEEN 54 FOREIGN LANGUAGES - Source text for translation (Powered by Google Translate) can come from typed input, email, SMS, copy, photos and voice. Auto detect feature for when you are unable to identify the language.

■ TRANSLATION OF FOREIGN TEXT IMAGES TAKEN WITH THE MOBILE PHONE CAMERA – Need to translate foreign language books, newspapers, letters or other documents? Simply take a picture and within seconds read it in your native language.

■ SPOKEN AUDIO OUTPUT FOR TEXT TRANSLATIONS – Listen to translations in High-Quality (HQ) Speech (4X the resolution of standard telephonic audio output). Communilator has an extensive speech portfolio of 21 languages including 39 male and female voices.

■ VOICE RECOGNITION – 20 voice recognition languages in 55 dialects. Eliminates the need for typed input of source language. Speak in one language; hear the translation in another language.

■ SEAMLESS SMS AND EMAIL INTEGRATION – Communicate with foreign friends, business associates and Pen- Pals on social media sites globally.

■ CREATE CUSTOMIZED PHRASEBOOKS – With stored History and Favorite translations for future use offline

NOTE 1: Communilator Pro requires an Internet connection

NOTE 2: Photo Translation Tips

- Images should be clear and in-focus.
- Avoid using flash as glare can ruin the picture.
- Take in bright light or sunlight for best results.
- Higher contrast provides better text recognition.
- Avoid picture “noise” by filling screen with text.
- Text must be in print format. Script cannot be recognized.
- Text should not be skewed, or with mixed fonts/sizes within words.
- Camera position should be parallel to the subject text.
- Text should be horizontal. Angled text is difficult to process.

TEXT & PHOTO TRANSLATION LANGUAGES (languages that support Speech shown in upper case)

Africans, Albanian, ARABIC, Belarusian, Bulgarian, CATALAN, CHINESE-SIMPLE, CHINESE-TRADITIONAL, Croatian, Czech, DANISH, DUTCH, ENGLISH, Estonian, Filipino, FINNISH, FRENCH, GALICIAN, GERMAN, GREEK, Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, ITALIAN, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, NORWEGIAN, Persian, POLISH, PORTUGUESE, PORTUGUESE-BRAZILIAN, Romanian, RUSSIAN, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, SPANISH, Swahili, SWEDISH, Thai, TURKISH, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh

NOTE: Belarusian, Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Thai, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese not yet available for Photo Translation.

VOICE RECOGNITION LANGUAGES: Arabic; Afrikaans; Chinese-Simplified; Chinese-Traditional; Czech; Dutch; English; French; German; Hebrew; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Malay; Polish; Portuguese-Brazilian; Russian; Spanish; Turkish

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