This application helps you concentrate on your tasks at home, office or outdoors, by emitting a static, white noise in order to block out all external disturbances caused by sounds occurring around you.
It can also be used at night, to block external noises, to lull you to sleep without unwanted sounds to distract you.

According to, White Noise :
*Encourages deep sleep and can help to cure insomnia.
*Can be used to enhance meditation (especially when combined with binaural beats).
*Can be used to help reduce tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
*For restless babies, especially crying babies with colic, white noise is often used as a sleep aid.

You may also try out the Ganzfeld experiment, using pingpong balls and a light source, to experience a 'lighter state':

The background is dull in order to save energy/battery power, and also so as not to cause a distraction.

Please leave any comments or suggestions in the appropriate space. Hope you enjoy using the app!

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