Concrete Beam Design (per ACI)



Concrete Beam Design is for the engineering investigation and design of reinforced concrete flexural slabs and beams. It performs flexural design, flexural investigation, moment redistribution, and shear design for rectangular and T-shaped concrete sections, while checking all ACI 318-11 Code requirements. Bar sizes, counts, and spacing are given for both flexural steel and stirrups.

Upgraded to include both US and SI units, metric reinforcing steel sizes, and the American Concrete Institute ACI 318-11 code.

Great for professional engineers who need quick input and detailed design output.

Great for students who can refer to the pertinent Code sections used in the Help file.

The application does the following:

-Accepts US or SI units and either US or European reinforcing bar sizes,

-Computes the required steel area and reinforcement for a given ultimate moment Mu,

-Computes the moment capacity ΦMn for a user input steel area,

-The user can select and save bar sizes for slabs and beams,

-Displays bar spacing for slabs and bar count for beams,

-Checks for the minimum code allowed bar spacing,

-Computes and displays the flexural strength ΦMn based on the bar size and bar count or spacing,

-Checks code requirements for both slab and beam minimum and maximum steel areas,

-Displays actual steel ratio along with the minimum and maximum allowed steel ratios,

-Displays the depth of the flexural compression block for use with T-shaped beams,

-Displays the flexural tensile strain εt,

-Computes the allowable moment redistribution and displays the redistributed moment and steel area,

-Computes the allowable shear force ΦVc,

-The user can select the stirrup bar size and the number of stirrup legs,

-Displays the stirrup bar size, number of vertical legs, and stirrup spacing for the Vu input,

-Computes and displays the shear strength ΦVn based on the stirrup bar size, leg count, and spacing,

-A Preferences screen saves the user’s settings for US or Si units, member type, concrete strength, steel strength,
member width, member depth, slab bar size, beam bar size, stirrup bar size, and the number of stirrup legs,

-A Help screen provides instruction for the use of the app, and gives the section numbers for the pertinent ACI code sections,

-All input values and calculation results are saved when exiting the app, so that the data and results are available whenever the user returns to use it.

-The input and results can be emailed in a text file for sharing or printing.

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