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**----> Supports BOTH Metric and Standard Units <-----**
**----> 34 Great Tools in One App <--- **

** TRIAL VERSION: Use any of the Tools or any feature 25 times. Test the product before making the purchase. This version has the same features as the Pro version. It just has limited number of uses. **

******* 35 GREAT TOOLS IN ONE APP *****

** Capture Image: Use this tool to take a picture and take notes on the picture. Use the picture as a background for your sketch. Save and email the sketch. (experimental , supports 1 - 3MB image resolution)

** My Favs: Add any of the tools to the my Favs screen and access it from there.
** Add Notes
** Conversions Calculator
** Total Summary Feature
** Full calculator
** My Tools
** My Budgets
** DryWall Calculator
** Carpet Calculator
** Paint Calculator
** Floor/Tiles Calculator
** AirConditioner BTU'S
** Wallpaper Calculator
** Concrete Calculator
** Wall studs Calculator
** Brick Calculator
** Roofing Calculator
** Trusses Calculator
** Rafter Calculator
** Mulch Calculator
** Insulation Calculator
** Heater Calculator
** Drywall mud calculator
** Base-Board Trim calculator
** Concrete Block calculator
** Concrete Sona Tubes calculator
** Concrete Footings Calculator
** Roofing-Sheathing calculator
** Concrete Pavers calculator
** Concrete Gravel calculator
** Electric Garage Heater calculator
** Roofing Shingles Calculator
** Roof Pitch Calculator

** Schedule any of the saved projects to your calendar.


- Email all the saved calculations
- Save unlimited projects for each of the calculators. (**Pro version)
- Set up Tolerance (from 1 to 100) value globally for all calculators.
- All calculators display both actual and the tolerance values.
- Elaborate help screen
- Configuration screen to configure default labor rates for different calculators
- All calculators list the material price, labor price and total price.
- Associate a name with each project
- Save as many notes as you want.
- Add the projects costs across different calculators

 - CONFIGURE: Key in default labor rates, tolerance values, UOM (metrics or standard)

-  PROJECTS: This screen lists all the saved calculations with the latest one displayed first.  You can also search for any project

- DRYWALL: Calculate drywall sheets

- PAINT: Calculate paint materials

- CARPET: Calculate carpet materials

- TILES: Calculate tile materials

- WALL PAPER: Calculate wall paper materials


- CONCRETE: Calculate concrete materials

- STUDS: Calculate wall studs materials

- BRICK: Calculate brick materials

- ROOFING: Calculate roofing materials

- TRUSSES: Calculate trusses materials

- RAFTER: Calculate rafter materials

- MULCH: Calculate mulch materials

- HEATER: Calculate heater requirements

- INSULATION: Calculate insulation materials

- DRYWALL MUD: Calculate drywall mud materials

- BASE-BOARD TRIM: Calculates the needed base board materials for rooms

- CONCRETE SONA TUNBES, FOOTINGS: Calculate the concrete for Sona tubes and footings

- SHEATHING: Calculate the roof sheathing OSB sheets (Roofing calculator)

- CONCRETE GRAVEL: Calculate the amount of gravel in Cubic yards & tons

- CONCRETE PAVERS: Calculate the amount of concrete pavers

- ELECTRIC GARAGE HEATER: Calculate the heating BTU's required to heat your garage.

- ROOFING SHINGLES: Calculate the Roof shingles, Rolls of felt for your roofing project.

- ROOF PITCH: Calculate the roof pitch or the ridge height.

- CONVERSIONS: Convert between 7 different types of UOM's

- ADD NOTES: Choose the Add notes feature to simply add notes and store the notes. Notes can be optionally added as events to your calendar.

- SUMMARY: Available in all the calculators. Choose this menu option to add different project costs.

- MY TOOLS: Record all your tools, categorize them and wishlist

- MY BUDGETS: Record all your budgets and line items for the budget.

- CALCULATOR: Full calculator to do math operations.

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