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** My Favs - Add any calculator to the favorite list.
** Capture Image: Free form sketch on your images (EXPERIMENTAL:supports 1-3MB image resolution,Portrait)

** DryWall Calculator
** Carpet Calculator
** Paint Calculator
** Floor/Tiles Calculator
** AirConditioner BTU'S
** Wallpaper Calculator
** Concrete Calculator
** Wall studs Calculator
** Brick Calculator
** Roofing Calculator
** Trusses Calculator
** Rafter Calculator
** Mulch Calculator
** Insulation Calculator
** Heater Calculator
** Drywall mud calculator
** Base-Board Trim calculator
** Concrete Block calculator
** Concrete Sona Tubes calculator
** Concrete Footings Calculator
** Roofing-Sheathing calculator
** Concrete Pavers calculator
** Concrete Gravel calculator
** Electric Garage Heater calculator
** Roofing Shingles Calculator
** Roof Pitch Calculator
** Add Notes
** My Tools
** My Budgets
** Conversions Calculator
** Email all the Saved calculations
** Total Summary Feature
** Full calculator
** Add to Calendar any notes
** Schedule any of the saved projects to your calendar.


- Email all the saved calculations
- Save unlimited projects for each of the calculators.
- Set up Tolerance (from 1 to 100) value globally for all calculators.
- All calculators display both actual and the tolerance values.
- Configuration screen to configure default labor rates for different calculators
- All calculators list the material price, labor price and total price.
- Add the projects costs across different calculators

 - CONFIGURE: Key in default labor rates, tolerance values, UOM (metrics or standard)

-  PROJECTS: This screen lists all the saved calculations with the latest one displayed first. Search any of the saved projects

- DRYWALL: Calculate drywall sheets

- PAINT: Calculate paint materials

- CARPET: Calculate carpet materials

- TILES: Calculate tile materials

- WALL PAPER: Calculate wall paper materials


- CONCRETE: Calculate concrete materials

- STUDS: Calculate wall studs materials

- BRICK: Calculate brick materials

- ROOFING: Calculate roofing materials

- TRUSSES: Calculate trusses materials

- RAFTER: Calculate rafter materials

- MULCH: Calculate mulch materials

- HEATER: Calculate heater requirements

- INSULATION: Calculate insulation materials

- DRYWALL MUD: Calculate drywall mud materials

- BASE-BOARD TRIM: Calculates the needed base board materials for rooms

- CONCRETE SONA TUNBES, FOOTINGS: Calculate the concrete for Sona tubes and footings

- SHEATHING: Calculate the roof sheathing OSB sheets (Roofing calculator)

- CONCRETE GRAVEL: Calculate the amount of gravel in Cubic yards & tons

- CONCRETE PAVERS: Calculate the amount of concrete pavers

- ELECTRIC GARAGE HEATER: Calculate the heating BTU's required to heat your garage.

- ROOFING SHINGLES: Calculate the Roof shingles, Rolls of felt for your roofing project.

- ROOF PITCH: Calculate the angle or the pitch. Also calculate the roof ridge height.

- CONVERSIONS: Convert between 7 different types of UOM's

- ADD NOTES: Simply write and store the notes. Notes can be optionally added as events to your calendar.

- MY TOOLS: Save your tools, add to wishlist.

- MY BUDGETS: Plan your budgets, add line items.

- SUMMARY: Available in all the calculators. Choose this menu option to add different project costs.

- CALCULATOR: A complete calculator to perform math operations.

- CAPTURE IMG: Do free form sketch on your images to mark features. Change camera setting to 1 or 3 MB resolution to use.

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