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Debug mobile webapps easier with a cordova 2.9.0 (phonegap) webview tied to an easy way to enter and navigate to urls. Much better than repackaging and reinstalling every time you make a change to an app you're developing! Just make sure the version of cordova/phonegap you use matches the version supported by the app.

You also get more visible console logs and error messages right on the device's screen!

Standard workflow when using this app
1. use a static webserver to host your project on your computer
2. enter the ip address and port of your webserver on the app
3. edit your app on your computer
4. refresh in the app to see and debug your changes!

Note: webapps dependent on cordova APIs must be loaded directly from the main screen. This is because the page must be loaded in a special way for cordova to work correctly.

Be careful what sites you visit, we need all permissions so you can test your webapps, but that means untrusted sites have access to the listed permissions too!

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