Counter Pro For Tablets



Counter Pro is the counter to have, capable of remembering any number you want it to and capable of counting it in many different ways.
Features :
- AdFree!
- Change the color of any of the Buttons!
- Use up to 30 different Counters!
- Change the number counted by!
- Freeze counting to avoid accidental presses!
- Shake to count!
- Counting with the Volume Buttons!
- Change shake sensitivity!
- Remembers your numbers!
- Send numbers to other people via email!
Possible uses :
- Counting anything imaginable
- Keeping track of sales
- Keeping score for board/card games
- Step Counting
- Count races
- Anything that you can think of
Counter Pro combines the best of all counters on the market, giving you the option of a large single counter, and the option of up to 30 smaller counters.
If you have any questions/problems/suggestions please email me.

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