cx2go is a mobile client for the Minute Menu CX for Childcare Centers product from Minute Menu Systems which allows centers to record children’s check in and check out times as well as meal attendance. Classroom teachers and support staff are able to make real time updates without having to login into their desktop version of Minute Menu CX which provides them improved efficiencies with their daily tasks.

Minute Menu CX for Childcare Centers is a software system designed for Sponsors of child care centers, head start programs, outside school hours care programs, at risk facilities & emergency shelters, and adult day care centers.

Whether you Sponsor facilities you own (affiliated centers), or you Sponsor facilities you don't own (unaffiliated centers).... Whether you work with 1 center or 1000 centers... Minute Menu CX has been designed for you.

The system is designed to radically reduce the amount of time you spend as a Sponsor managing Food Program claim information, while giving you tools to help you stay in compliance with federal and state regulations. In addition, your centers will use Minute Menu to substantially simplify the process of keeping and sending accurate records to your central office.

Built using the same expertise and innovation that has led Sponsors of over 100,000 family child care providers to use Minute Menu HX, Minute Menu CX is a complete automation package for Food Program Sponsors.

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