Dashlane Free Password Manager


Dashlane Free Password Manager's review


A trustworthy and well designed password manager

  • Great design
  • Easy password search
  • Password generator
  • Registration obligatory

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"Passwords kept private"


The useful and effective Dashlane Password Manager is both well designed and thoroughly pleasant to use. Not only does it make keeping your passwords safe and sound a doddle, but it's good looking too.


The more services and networks you're subscribed to, the more passwords you have to remember. And security experts recommend using a different password for every single site you are registered with. To avoid getting lost among so many passwords, you need Dashlane, a skilled password manager for storing your passwords for services like Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Outlook.com, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox, Instagram, Chase, and American Express (among many others). It syncs automatically with the desktop app, and includes a password generator for when you're struggling to invent new ones.


No major gripes here: obviously you have to register to use the app, but that makes sense.

Translated by Jayne Deacon

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by Cecília

Jul 11, 2015

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