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Always forgetting to clean the fish tank? Need a little nudge to get to the gym? This application provides a simple interface to remember all of your repeating periodic activities.

Let's say you want to clean the fish tank once a month. You could put a repeating event on your calendar for the first of every month. The problem is that at some point you are going to be busy and then remember a week or so later. Now, your calendar event is two weeks off and you have to delete it and create a new one.

With this application, you enter your activities and how frequently you need to perform them. Then you get reminders when it's time to perform them again. Once you mark the activity complete, the timer starts again and you'll be notified the next time you need to do it. It's simple and easy.

This application is great for "Getting things done" (GTD). Track your repetitive tasks and mark them off when complete. Keep track of when those tasks are completed and how well you are getting things done.

The application lists all of your activities in the order in which they are next due. The icon indicates whether they are overdue or not.

You can enable or disable notifications. Notifications can be sent before a task is due. You can also select how often you want to be reminded once the activity is overdue.

- Create activities which track routine, repeating tasks.
- An activity can have a repeating frequency in days. The next due date will be shown.
- Activities are listed in the order in which they are due giving you a convenient to-do list.
- Activities display an icon showing whether the activity is overdue, about to be overdue or completed on time.
- To track how often you do something without having a target (ex: to quit smoking you might track how long since your last cigarette), simply leave the frequency field empty.
- Notifications can be sent to remind you when an activity is coming up.
- Notifications can also be sent after an activity is overdue. The frequency of notifications can be set so that you don't get too many reminders.
- Each activity keeps a history of when it was completed along with the average time between completions.
- History can be displayed as a line chart (t-chart) showing the elapsed days between completing the activity. This is plotted along with the target days and the rolling average allowing you to see how you are doing at a glance.
- History can be plotted in bar charts as either the frequency by the day of the week or by the month. This can give insight into when you are most likely to complete an activity.
- Clicking on the icon in the main list view is a quick way to mark the activity complete.
- Long clicking on an activity provides a menu to mark it done, delete it, or edit it.
- A widget provides all of your activities at a quick glance. Press any item to open the activity or press on the title to open the application.
- If you are upgrading from the free version, your saved activities can be sent from the free version to this version from the main menu of the free version.
- If you main data file is ever corrupted, the application saves up to five previous versions of your data. A backup is made at most every 24 hours when saving a change. You can restore a backup data file from the main menu of the application.

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