dB Calculator



The dBCalculator software comprises five independent calculation tools:

This tools helps to add and subtract an arbitrary number of power levels expressed in units of dBm and watt.

This tools helps to add and subtract correlated and uncorrelated voltage levels.

This tool calculates for an entry using a unit such as dBm, dBW, mW, W, mV, V, dBV, dBµV and dBu the corresponding values for all other units, for individual impedance values.

Ratio Converter:
This tool converts linear power and voltage ratios to dB and vice versa.

VSWR Converter:
This tool converts reflection quantities such as Voltage Standing Wave Ratio VSWR, reflection coefficient, reflected power, return loss and mismatch loss.

The dBCalculator software is based on the application note

1GP77: R&S dBCalculator

by Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

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